🚀 NEW Business Setup for Creators Course

Learn how to set up a foundation for your creator business. I teach the details behind filing legal paperwork, accounting, navigating sponsorships, creating business accounts, and customizing a scorecard to track your progress along the way.

My background is in Mechanical Engineering. I started out in the semiconductor construction industry as an estimator. Then I taught myself how to code online and transitioned into data science while documenting the entire journey on my YouTube channel, it's just Liz.

My current online course is on building a creator business. I started my YouTube channel when I was 23 years old and now it generates over 1,000+ a month.

🔨 Other Classes on Skillshare

I started teaching on Skillshare originally with just an iPad and a screen recorder. I teach shorter-form classes on Skillshare since it does not include notes, templates, or links.

I teach a course on how to use a software called Bluebeam Revu, which is a very common PDF editor used in the construction industry. I also have a course on how to make resumes in another software called Canva. Finally, I have a course on Notion for construction engineers.